Wednesday, December 28, 2011


... but only for two weeks!

Well, well, you can never know what the day brings. And that is so true! I was wondering what I could do for the rest of the Christmas holidays... and have decided to go to Bosnia and visit my beloved family, and spend "my" Christmas with them, which is on January 6th.

I have been packing the whole and it makes me crazy! That is the thing that I hate the most when it comes to traveling... I don't mind going by bus for 24 hours, but packing... urgh. Wish somebody could do it for me. And as you can see on the picture above, I'm LONG not done.

Anyway, I really can't wait to see my family! They live in a small town called Teslić, and I've spent the half of my childhood there. It has about 10000 inhabitants (I think) and is surrounded completely by nature. It's so funny, always when I get there, I cannot sleep during the first days because it's way too silent than I'm used to now.

But in the whole story, there is only one single problem. I've been begging my cousin to get me some internet (they use it at work, and see no use in having it at home :/), and I hope he didn't forget this time! Otherwise you'll have to live without me for two weeks. When I think about it now, it seems like eternity! But I'll do my best, to find a way to blog. :)

I have always wanted to do that "What I have in my traveling make-up bag" thing, and now I finally have the opportunity! So here it goes!

*My absolute favorite eyeshadows, by Kat von D; "Saint" and "Ludwig"
*26 color palette | natural eyeshadow/blush by BH cosmetics
*10 colors palette | professional camouflage concealer by BH cosmetics

*ALL TIME favorite perfume "Trésor" by Lancôme
*Be pretty mascara
*Astor quick dry red nail polish
*Rimmel 206 nude pink lipstick
*Two nailfiles
*Two glittery (red and green) nail polishes by Claire's
*Clear nail polish by Be pretty
*Litle Douglas mirror
*BH cosmetics make-up brush set

Have a nice stay and see you in the New Year!

Love, Aleksandra.