Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas List 2011

I feel like the idea of making a Christmas list as an adult is a little ridiculous so this post is more or less in jest.  I say "more or less" because I wouldn't be upset if some of these things actually showed up under the tree Christmas morning.  You might recognize a few of the items from past posts I've done here on the blog.  That's sort of the blessing and the curse of a're always finding fabulous things to add to your "list!" 

After I put this list together I found it interesting that it really covers all aspects things I love - design, DIY, baking, technology and fashion (which as a stay-at-home mom translates directly into comfortable, cute and easy!)

What are you secretly (or maybe not so secretly?) hoping to find under your tree this year?

1.  Star Chart Print -  This has been at the very top of my list ever since I did this post and was turned on to Municipal Prints by a reader. 

2.  Write with Moxie Pencils - I love pencils.  Is that weird?  I want these in a pretty glass cup on my desk. 

3.  Trablit French Coffee Extract - Leave it to the French to make something like coffee extract so awesome that it ends up on a Christmas list!  This is no normal extract.  It has the deepest, most complex coffee flavor ever.  Coffee is the key to making anything chocolate taste even more chocolatey and this extract is just what I need. 

4.  Kitchen Aid Beater Paddle - No more stopping mid-mixing to scrape down the bowl.  I NEED THIS!

5.  Les Petit Macarons - I am officially proclaiming 2012 as the year I perfect macaron baking.  Every macaron aficionado I know swears by this book.

6.  The Hunger Games Trilogy - Am I the last person on the planet that still needs to read this book?  Minimum 3 people a week tell me how amazing it is.  

7.  iPhone Pocket Projector - Gadget-y and excessive?  Most definitely.  But as a devoted iPhone user, I am totally intrigued.  And as a mom with gigabytes of baby-doing-cute-things video, I feel like I would really use it. 

8.  Bostitch Staple Gun - Can you believe I don't own a staple gun?  That craziness needs to end. 

9.  HGTV Magazine Subscription - I completely enjoyed the premiere issue.  Really fun tone and very practical ideas. 

10.  J.Crew High Waist Skinny Jeans - Let's be clear - these aren't high waist like 80's mom jeans high waist.  But they are comfortable and natural waist which is perfect and a rare thing in the world of skinny jeans.

11.  Hanes Cowl Neck Sweatshirt - I know, you're like "really Dina, a Hanes sweatshirt is on your Christmas list?"  But this is cute AND comfortable and perfect to throw on when I need to run out the door with Knox.

12.  J.Crew Cece Studded Suede Ballet Flats - Cute shoes can make even a Hanes sweatshirt look fashionable...or maybe that's just what I'm telling myself because I really want hot pink shoes.  Either way, I love them.