Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NYC Farm on Wheels

Oh boy! Have you ever wondered how to grow your own veggies even if you don't own a yard? A few years ago, Ian Cheney moved to New York, shortly after he realized how difficult it was to have a place to grow fresh food, so he came up with a genius idea of planting a mini garden in his own old Dodge. Since then Ian created a Truck Farm movement where he teaches people that growing their own food can be pain-free, fun and super rewarding as long as they're open to it. The awesome thing about the truck farm is that it doesn’t require a rooftop or a land. It just needs sunshine and water. Isn’t that brilliant? Wouldn’t you love to have a little veggie patch? xo

P.S: Since spring 2011 the project grew to 25 trucks across the United States. Also Ian and his team made a short film about urban agriculture. You can check it out here.

(via A well traveled woman)