Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Perfect camera bag.

Good morning folks!

Right now, I'm enjoying a vanilla late here at my favorite Starbucks, and have been browsing through the net and looking for some camera bags. I have found some nice girly ones through some awesome fashion blogs I follow, but I am not that into those typical bowling bags and stuff like that. I'm looking for something nice and vintage, and I can glady say that I FOUND IT! Look, look, looooook!


Dream bag, right? I almost fell off of the chair as I saw it. And as I saw the price. But, but, but, buuuuuut I think it totally pays of since you can clearly see that it's qualitative and that it can take pretty much. Ah, I love old school teacher bags... Do you think I should buy this for myself for Christmas? Should I? Are there any of you who are photographers, and what bags do you prefer? 

Have a nice Wednesday! Sending you kisses from Vienna!

Love, Aleksandra.

PS: I forgot to say where I've found it... HERE!