Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Piano.

I, cannot, believe, that, this, day, is, finally, here! The day when my piano arrives! Well, better said, it already arrived, and that is also why I'm posting about it this late, because I could not stop playing for about four hours! Now I actually see how much I've missed it during the past two years since I gave away my last one. I completely cannot understand how I was capable of giving it away in the first place. From my point of view it has no sense at all. :)

The piano I took is middle class, and I couldn't have chosen any better. While I was weighing my options, in the end I couldn't decide between a Bösendorfer, Steinway, and a Yamaha pianino. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I allowed the prices to lead my path of thinking, and I thought a Steinway would be the best solution. But, ooooh dear, how wrong I was! In the saloon we made a little experiment, and I tried all three of them in a small room, almost the same size like mine, because it was very important to me to get the best musical experience I could even tough my room is very small. I tried the Steinway first because I thought it would win right away, but hell no! The sound was too "tiny", too high pitched, and it felt really horrible. I was so surprised. Then I tried the Yamaha one, and it felt unbelievable. Everything just was exactly how it should be. I couldn't find any "flaws" at all. After that one I got my hands on the Bösendorfer, and it was beautiful! It was just a little too dark and moody for my taste, and that is why I picked the Yamaha one in the end. And I truly couldn't be any happier right now. Happy, happy! This is one more reason that the brand, price and whatsoever are not a guarantee that the product they sell is the best one! Now I was convinced once more. Oh, and I was also thinking to make some video recordings while playing, and share it here and on my youtube channel I made today. We'll see. :)

As you can see in the pictures (even if it's just a little bit), that my room is very, very small. I think it's some 13mand I really had to plan everything to the very last detail, since I didn't have the chance to waste any space. But, about that in another entry! :)

Have a nice start into the weekend!

Love, Aleksandra.