Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner With Friends?

Last week I read this article in theKitchn about having dinners with friends. They also did a little survey asking people how often they had guests over for a chat and a good meal. It was so interesting to see the difference in opinions. Some said that they entertain on weekly/monthly basis, some admitted that their social life is much busier during the warmer months, while others have people over only for special occasions, which sums up to about 4-5 times a year.

It must be due to our work-type because Balazs and I love being around people when we are not working. We organise movie nights or evenings with wine and cheese pretty regularly. (It's easy and totally pain free with some homemade bread spreads).

But after reading the article I realised that during winter months we prefer spending more time relaxing at home or watching Seinfeld - just the two of us. Must be because of the short days and cold, right? Also, one of my friends said something that stuck with me, it is at times a big fuss to cook something or prepare but it's so worth it when people enjoy the food we make and the atmosphere we create.

Anywho, I would love to know where you stand on the whole dinner-parties, dinner-dates with friends subject. How often do you have people over for a meal or how often do you go over to them for a drink? Does it change depending on the seasons? Or maybe you think that the whole dinner party concept is way too much hassle and you rather just meet them up in a restaurant? Do share…xo

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(Photos by/via Galaxie Andrews via Kinfolk Mag & Luisa Brimble)