Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have a dreamy weekend

My Lovelies, I'm so pleased it's Friday, aren't you? It's been one of those very busy weeks. I'm ready to slip into comfy jammies, make grilled cheese sandwiches with Dijon and spend the evening laughing out loud while watching Seinfeld. What are you up to? Did you have a good week? As always here are a few great links from around the web for you to enjoy:)

Real deal Bolognese.

And this gem would come super handy while making pasta.

Sherlock Holmes flat for rent.

Red lips:)

The photograph that makes my heart skip a beat.

Perfectly frozen.

Ombre dip dye tags that you can make yourself.

I'm dreaming of summer too:)

Water dancer.

Yes, please to all.

This would make a perfect V-day card.


Chalkboard walls.

Oh my goodness, buckwheat baby with salted caramel syrup. Yum!

With lemons.

Adorable side braided bun tutorial.

Quotes for those not so good days.

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Darlings, see you Monday morning. Love! xo

(Photo via From Paris to London)