Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have a pretty weekend

Loves, what are your plans for this weekend? It's the last one in January. Is it just me or this month just flew by? Tonight I'm opening a bottle of wine, running a hot bubble bath and spending the evening reading away and tomorrow we are off for a wedding. It will be an emotional day for sure and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it all. (I always cry at weddings, you?). Sweets, have a blast in the next two days and if you are in a blog-reading-type-of-mood here are a few fantastic links to check out. Enjoy!

Pretty cool cabin in Brooklyn.

How to recognize the perfect espresso cup:)

Lens flower pots - brilliant!

NYC at dusk.

This place blew me away!

One awesome dog:)

Twirling with Kate Spade.

Delicious looking root vegetable recipes (especially the parsnip gratin).

Balloon bubble bath.

Incredible map couture!

Perfect for Valentines.

I love this entry room.

Darling wedding.

I'm craving this soup today.

Oh my!

A few cool ways how to create a romantic evening:)

Also, there are only 2 more day left to enter our awesome blog makeover GIVEAWAY!

And here are three exPress-o coffee posts you might have missed:
* Syphon coffee.
* Magic coffee.
* French press.

Darlings, see you Monday morning! xo

(Photo via Amanda Jones)