Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IKEA Stockholm Rug Lookalike at Rugs USA

I promise you I WILL eventually stop posting about rugs.  But I had to share just one more!  I had to squelch an excited shriek when I saw this one.  Oh so similar to the IKEA Stockholm Rand (which I still love) but updated in navy!

I have been loving the offset, bold stripes of the IKEA Stockholm Rand for almost two years now.  And never, in those two years have I ever actually found the rug at an Ikea.  It's mythical I tell you.  It's perpetually sold out, no doubt because of the resemblance to the Madeline Weinrib Black & White Buche rug and it's "go with everything" look. 

Ok, that's more rugs for a while.  I swear!