Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bolder Twist on Bloggers Uniform

You know what's the word on the street, right? Everyone says that stripes are the official bloggers uniform - it seems to be true, at least in my closet. The thing is that about 95% of my clothes have the classic Breton sailing style pattern (it's not all bad considering those awesome people wore them too, right?). Anyway, I've decided that it's time to give a colour-lift to my stripes and add a few new green (total bargain), red (less expensive version), orange and maybe even pink pieces into the mix. If you fancy spicing up your beloved stripes as well, here are a few inspirations that I adore.

Lovelies, what’s your colour-pattern of choice? What's your favourite place to buy stripes? xo

P.S: This morning I saw a girl wearing a tomato-red and navy-blue stripes pattern in the café and she looked awesome!
P.P.S: Great stripes look and this cutie is simply adorable.

(Photos by Garance Doré,  The Sartorialist & via Pinterest)