Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspiration, Motivation...Where are you?

Hello Friends!
It's a brand new year and most of us are de-cluttering our homes along with 
 trying to lose weight. Most of you have read my weight loss posts from the past.
You may know I lost 50 pounds a few years ago. Click on the top of my header under
"My Weight Loss" if you have not read them. I'm happy to report I've still kept it off.
Give or take about five pounds. The main problem is my lack of sticking with my
exercise plan consistently. I have been laaazzzy, and or "pinning". You know that
fun site that completely draws us in for an entire day. My ultimate goal would be to lose
about ten more pounds and have much more energy. Exercise helps to increase energy!
Who's with me?
Join me for some motivating photos from Pinterest.
 Inspiration? Where are you? I've had low energy for a long time now.
 Um, I'm trying...:)
 Right now this is me minus the cardio oh and the weights too. Ha!
I do enjoy power walking. I will start again with that.
Some days I feel like this guy. Too funny...:)

This is very true. Should ten pounds really make me feel this way?
Overall I just want to be in better shape and have more energy.

 Eat more of these!

 And these!

 And remember this...
I would cross out the "skinny" and replace it with "healthy" though.
 I could do this right now...!
 Weight lifting was the key to my weight loss. The bowflex will get some use again.
Here's me in 2012!
I'm more than ready for a new year of challenges.
How about you?