Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lattice Moulding

What is it about home decor stuff that can leave an otherwise confident decision-maker second guessing herself?  I'm always so impressed by people who can just do it, whether "it" is pick a daring but fabulous paint color or doing something so out there, the thought would literally never cross most people's minds. 

Case in point - the dining room of former Domino market editor Kate Simpson that was featured in the premiere issue of Lonny Magazine.  Would you EVER in a million years think of putting garden lattice on your walls?  Yea...me neither.  But really, its like an avant garde (and much cheaper!) version of wainscotting.  And it adds SOOOO much architectural interest to an otherwise plain white wall.


If you can't imagine tackling a whole room like this, what about just experimenting in an entry way or hall?  I love the tone-on-tone-look best to keep things from getting overly busy. 

{Image via Eclectic Revisited}

A few panels of the Harper O'verlay would definitely do the trick.  Sure they're meant to be used on furniture but we're thinking out of the box here remember?!

Have you made any risky decisions in your home decor?  

I find that when I do, those are always my favorite things in the room.  I really sweated over whether to go with bright yellow curtains in our dressing room but I'm so glad I did!