Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Organized Breakfast Cabinet Station

The premiere issue of HGTV Magazine included a feature on designer Linda Woodrum's kitchen.  Linda is the designer of all the HGTV Dream Homes.  I love getting a sneak peak inside designers' homes and seeing how they live.  Her style is very comfortable and approachable which I'm a big fan of. 


How about this built in china cabinet huh?  I love the X's in the doors. So cottage-y and perfect for the Hilton Head setting.


But my favorite part of her kitchen was the peak inside this one cabinet that she's dedicated to her "breakfast bar".  Everything you need for breakfast in one, easy to reach spot.  I love how simple this is, it just makes so much sense!  Why not put everything you're going to use in one spot instead of running all over the kitchen?  

Clearly this didn't happen by accident as she had the forethought to plan an electrical outlet in this cabinet for her toaster oven.  Must remember this for future kitchens!!

Some other smart people who are making their mornings easier.  Even without room for bowls and mugs it just makes sense to put the toaster near the coffee maker right?


No counter near your coffee maker?  No problem!  Check out this fantastic idea!  A pull-out (but more importantly tuck-away) surface to prep on.  LOVE THIS!
Overkill?  Um...perhaps a tad.  This is like having a Starbucks in your kitchen!  But I guess if you're Martha you can do that sort of thing.


Some simple shelves and pretty glass jars with cereal = instant cereal bar.  

Same idea, but kid appropriate!  This would be great in an island cabinet so little ones could help themselves...err...or maybe not?

The idea of organizing by purpose makes so much sense, I don't know why I never thought to apply it to breakfast.  I'm already doing it with my baking in the pantry

And everyone does it with diaper changing supplies on their changing table

So why not breakfast right?  Right now my espresso machine and my toaster are at opposite ends of the kitchen. 

Do you have a breakfast "center" in your kitchen?