Monday, January 9, 2012

Swing Arm Metal Sconces

I have been having a love affair with metal swing arm sconces since I blogged about the brass one in Amy Meier's office that was featured in BHG

Since then I've amassed quite collection of images featuring these sconces. There's just something about the metal shade and that double articulation that I can't get enough of (see how they have 2 spots where they can bend?)  They give just a hit of that industrial vibe to a space.   I've decided they look good pretty much everywhere, in every style room and in every finish.

I'm guessing there is a 3rd sconce just out of this shot on the left.  Because you can bend them in various ways and direct the light down, these are a great solution for a vanity area on a window wall like below.  Don't need a lot of solid wall space to make it work, just a bit right by the ceiling. 


They can even be ceiling mounted!

They are total perfection over a bookcase. 

Or tucked into a cozy nook like this.

{Image via Gold and Gray}

What do you think?  Too much of a good thing?

{Image via Martha Stewart}

Ah yes, I think this is much better.

Look how much concentrated accent lighting they give off!  I love that.

{Image via Abode Love}

Rejuvenation seems to have the best price going on this style of sconce.  The Reed (pictured below and in the photo of the hair salon above) is $272 and comes in 13 different finishes.  If you prefer not to mess with an electrician, the Wallace style is the same but a plug-in version!

$272 is by no means cheap for a sconce but it's such a bold silhouette and really adds a lot to a space.  If you're going to put it somewhere where you'll be adjusting the light angle frequently, I think it's worth it to spring for good quality.  Nothing worse than mounting something like this and then having the weight of the shade drag it out of shape!