Monday, February 6, 2012

Bird's Eye View Of NYC

Oh boy, just looking at those awesome photos makes me a bit queasy but as wussy as I am about heights, I'm totally blown away by Navid Baraty's bravery. The Brooklyn based photographer climbed those amazing NYC buildings and by leaning over the edge he gave us a genius glimpse into the true character of the Big Apple. He said "watching a city from above can reveal so much about its character" - spot on! I simply adore this place, don't you? Lovelies, when was the last time you visited the city? Are you planning to take a trip this spring? xo

P.S: Navid's work totally reminds me of this rooftopping project, and have you seen New York, I Love You already? (Awesome).
P.P.S: Also, twinkling New York City and Big Apple after dark.

(Thanks, Rebecca)