Monday, February 27, 2012

Home Office Take Two

Hello Everyone!
We have been painting rooms, cleaning, de-cluttering, donating, selling furniture
and buying new furniture all in the last two weeks. It's been crazy and I am tired. 
Finally I can share with you the new home office which was previously the unused
formal living room. I really did like this room we just never used it. Ever. I had the
idea a few years ago to relocate the upstairs office to this space and here is the result.
Join me for a before and after tour.
 After! The paint color is a light khaki color called Tobacco Leaf by Martha Stewart.
I was ready to lighten up the deep gold we had here before. The desk unit fits well.
 Here is the formal living room before the room transformation.
Yes, we did keep this leather furniture for the family room.
 Another before view. The french doors are one of our favorite features.
 I used the same drapes from Target that were in the previous upstairs office.
Since they matched a chair I was going to use I saw no reason to change them.
 The bookcase has been redecorated. I talked my husband into donating half of his books.
Let me tell you that was not easy. He loved his books but I know they will find a better home.
 Photos of special events and the helicopter he flies.
 On the other side I added an M and a few more decoratives.
 The chair from Ashley was fairly new so it found a new home here.
This is my hubs spot for lounging on his laptop while I sit at my desktop.
 The envelope pillow matches the drapes and came from Marshalls.
 I was able to still use the rug from Lowes that was in the room.
This room will be changed to dark hardwoods soon though.
 The same was true for the burgundy drapes from Bed Bath and Beyond.
One more view of the entire space.
We love this bright room now. The important thing is...we use it! 
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I'm still pinning away and post on my FB quite a bit.
I'll see you very soon with another new makeover project.
Have a wonderful week!