Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have a dazzling weekend

Darlings, what are you up to this weekend? Will you be watching the Oscars? Which film/actor are you rooting for? Balazs and I have just seen The Descendants with George Clooney the other day and we really loved it! Tonight I'm off for a girly chat, piece of cherry pie and a cup of honey-green tea. Tomorrow our friends are flying in to visit for a few days. I can't wait to catch up over a glass of wine. Loves, have a dazzling next few days and here are a few great links to check out if you're in a blog-hopping-type-of-mood. Enjoy!

Now you can buy a few props from the set of Midnight in Paris.

Alec Baldwin on the foods that are worth dying for:)

Such pretty rings.

Snowshoe race looks like tons of fun!

I love this look on Adele.

Colour play.

Potato and rosemary pizza - perfect for a low-key weekend.

Wallpaper in the kitchen.

This hairdo.

Looks delicious.

A few pairs of awesome low-heel boots.

Heart-shaped sunnies:)

Reintroducing the reuben.

Great movie quotes!

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Also, here are three exPress-o posts all about sandwiches you might have missed:
* B.E.L.T.
* Avocado sandwich.
* Grilled bagel with cream cheese and baby heirloom tomatoes.

Lovelies, see you Tuesday morning! xo

(The awesome after the rain photo by Esther Miguez)