Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Family Some Love

Contrary to popular opinion, showing your loved ones how much you care does not have to be expensive. In fact, in many cases, it really is the thought that counts. Here are a few inexpensive ways to show your family some love. They’re not just for Valentine’s Day either!
Send your loved one a thoughtful and unexpected text that says something like, “Thinking of you always makes me smile.”
Make a special dinner. Decorate the table while you’re at it.
Give them a book you enjoyed reading. Write a special inscription inside.
Look on Craigslist, eBay, or at your local thrift store for something you know they would enjoy –an inexpensive collectible, a book, poster, painting or other fun knick-knack.
Enjoy a family movie night complete with popcorn, s’mores and hot chocolate. Watch their favorite movie, not yours.
Do a chore that your loved one would normally have to do, such as taking out the trash, cleaning the litter box or washing the car.
Think of 365 reasons why your person is special. These may be reasons why you love them, what you love about them, compliments, poems or inspirational quotes. Write each on a separate slip of paper and place in a jar. Your loved one then gets to take one out to read each day.
Let the family sleep and make them a special breakfast when they get up.

Stop doing that thing you know annoys your spouse or kids. Admit it, there is something that you do that bugs them, and you know it but you aren’t quite willing to give it up. Give it up for their sake. It might be as big as smoking or as small as leaving dirty socks on the bathroom floor.
Fill your spouse’s gas tank and wash the car just for the heck of it.
Hide love notes where your family members will come across them unexpectedly –in a shoe, a backpack, the car or the refrigerator, for example.

Take note of the little things that your loved ones like or have always wanted. What is their favorite candy bar, cereal, comic book or movie? 

Buy it for them just because.