Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Six Takes On Romance

This year, Balazs and I wanted to mix things up a bit, so we agreed to surprise each other with some type of experience instead of an actual gift for Valentine's Day. Nothing over the top or super expensive, just something that we know will make the other one's day. So, I've put together a few things that I think would make any girl happy and if you like any of it, you are welcome to hint it gently to your boyfriend/husband.

First up, open a fresh flower account in her favourite flower shop. It can be for a month, few weeks or even a year so she can simply pop in there every few days and choose a bouquet she fancies the most.

Whip up a breakfast of Valentine’s Day egg in the basket. Here is the full how to of this scrumptious toast. (This will make it easier and heart milk cubes would add a sassy finish to the whole meal).

Instead of sending flowers how about a giant heart balloon with a romantic personalized message? Bonus: it's all hand-delivered by a balloon trooper on the day. Perfect way to make her busy day extra special!

A romantic dinner date, for just the two of you. It can be one of her favourites spots, a brand new place she can't wait to try or a dreamy floating dining experience in Vancouver that she has bookmarked for months in her calendar.

Ask her to take a day off from work & spend the day together dancing in the kitchen to your favourite songs, playing board games, watching old movies (or romantic comedies), eating chocolate and smooching the day away in pj's and cozy socks:)

A winter picnic with hot wine, cheese, warm blankets and freshly baked bread in the spot you met or the place that means the world to both of you.

Darlings, would you add any other romantic ideas to the list? Which one do you fancy the most?

P.S: How sweet is that b&w photo by Elliott Erwitt of Robert & Mary Frank dancing in their kitchen in Valencia, Spain, 1952?
P.P.S: Also a scrumptious last minute Valentine's treat!

(Photos via McKenzie GreenMegan Wolz,  Kinfolk Magazine & Shannon Eileen)