Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Aid Mixer Storage

Before we fixed up our pantry, I had a love/hate relationship with my Kitchen Aid mixer.   Of course I loved all the tasty treats I could churn out on it but I hated how heavy and bulky it was.  The thing is a work horse in the kitchen, but it takes up so much room, it almost needs its own zip code.

Thankfully my baking cart keeps it tucked away and at the ready and at just the right height.  No more lugging it from a low cabinet up to the counter top.   

I'm very aware that we'll likely never live in another house with a pantry the size of the one we have now.  So even though my mixer has a cozy home for now, I'm always interested in what the other options are.

I think most people's mixers end up right where this one is - in a deep corner on their counter.  This works well if you've got the counter space to dedicate AND you're an avid baker. 


Another option for the avid baker who doesn't want their mixer on display all the time.  A perfectly sized baking appliance garage.  And how great is that marble counter for baking?! 


In lieu of a built in solution, I really like these armoires turned baking stations.  If you have the floor space in your kitchen, I think this is brilliant. 

via BHG

Another great "hide away" option - pullout appliance sliders in your bottom cabinets. 

My favorite mixer storage solution has to be these amazing appliance caddies.  They're heavy duty and effortlessly raise your mixer from a bottom cabinet up to counter height.  You have to dedicate what essentially amounts to a entire cabinet for this option but I think it's a worthwhile tradeoff for the counter space you'll free up. 

{BONUS POINTS:  Install an electric outlet inside the cabinet so the mixer is not only available but plugged in when you're ready to use it!}


This is the hardware you need to get yourself some of this fancy mixer storage.  Note that it's the hardware only - you'll have to provide your own shelf for the mixer to sit on top of but even a basic cutting board would work.

The DIY Network has a great tutorial for how to rework a kitchen cabinet for one of these lift mechanisms here.

Where does your mixer live?