Monday, February 13, 2012

The Moving Conclusion

Hello Everyone!
Remember our upcoming move to Maryland?
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would tell you this outcome.
Are you ready for this? We are not moving. At least for the next two years.
What? How did that happen? That is the military for you. Unbelievable.
We are both still a little in shock after finding out the news last week.
As you know we had been waiting for well over a year to have his orders cut
 for a new assignment in Maryland. This March makes six years we have lived here.
As of this coming July he moves to a great new job at one of our local bases. He's fine.
I'm fine as well. I just wanted to know the final answer. As you can guess I will be 
decorating our current home up a storm! I am excited and I have wasted no time.
Here are the overall plans:
1. Paint every single interior room. It's all going to be lighter and brighter!
2. Rearrange three rooms. We will now use them how we live.
Goodbye formal living room, hello new home office, bonus room
becomes a media room, bonus room moves to the current office.
This includes selling and replacing some furniture. Fun stuff!
3. Have the kitchen cabinets painted a light cream.
4. Remove the carpet downstairs and have hardwoods installed.
5. Steam clean upstairs carpets and pressure wash house exterior.
6. Update flower beds and clean up our current landscaping.
7. Replace outdoor deck rug, pillows, clean back deck.
8. Update, redecorate each room along the way.
I hope to have all of this complete within the next few months. I hope!
I have held off so long with decorating thinking we were moving I'm more than ready.
Check out our progress so far. Big thanks to my hubby for all of his hard work.
 Goodbye gold paint. This room is done! I'll show you soon...:)
 Ugh...what a mess painting and moving furniture makes. I have no patience. Pray for me.
We will be selling the fabric sofas and armoire this week.
 A cheerful aqua for the new workout, Chestnut's room.
 I chose soft colors for the master suite.
 A deep teal for the guest bath. Love this color with chocolate brown.
 The guest room color will be another aqua blue shade.
 My paint color choices for the entry, family room and kitchen.
All of the colors are from Martha Stewart at Home Depot.
 The formal dining room colors. A painting was my inspiration.
 New drapes and hardware for the future media room.
A new fan too. This is also the room that will need new furniture.
Stay tuned for many before and after posts right here.
Finally I feel like I will have much to share with you. Hooray!
Have a wonderful week!