Monday, February 13, 2012

How Relationships Boost Health

We all love our friends and family. However, did you know that having these healthy relationships in our lives is as important to our overall health as exercise, good nutrition and stress management?
Face to Face – Don’t let texting and social media interaction take precedence over actually being with a person one on one. Although Facebook and Twitter are great ways to keep in touch between meetings, they do not offer the benefits of spending time in person. Touch does amazing things to a person’s psyche. It slows down production of the stress hormone cortisol as well as slows your heart rate.
Girl's or Guy's Night Out – Having regular gatherings with your pals will make you feel calmer and happier all around, giving you an overall sense of well-being.
From Child to Adult – Forming healthy attachments during childhood increases your chances of developing healthy relationships as an adult. Positive family connections lead to improved mental health as well as social interpersonal functioning.
Healthy Lifestyle – Leading a life void of social interaction can result in unhealthy decisions. These include a sedentary lifestyle, smoking or prescription drug abuse. Feelings of loneliness can stimulate the flight or fight reflex, creating adrenalin and suppressing your immune system.
Long-Term Relationships – These are great for your head and your heart. Having a relationship that lasts more than five years actually lowers your risk for drug abuse, depression and anxiety disorder. Being married may also increase your longevity.
Hungry for Relationships – Lack of supportive relationships can push a person into self-destructive habits such as drinking, overeating, smoking or being a couch potato. This stress can also show up as insomnia, chronic headaches or backaches.
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