Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art on Sunday: Marta Dahlig.

Like I've promised it last Sunday, here goes another round of my favorite artists and artworks for this Sunday. Today I decided to choose only one artist, since I have always wanted to give her some special spotlight on my blog. I'm talking about Marta Dahlig, more known as blackeri, and her amazing digital masterpieces that she's creating.

I saw her work for the very first time a few years ago, and have followed her development through all these years. Today, she is actually a big name when it comes to digital painting and drawing. And I love what she's doing so so much, since I have absolutelly no experience when it comes to digital art, and I admire everyone who's practicing it.

There are so many drawings which I'd love to post here, and it was so hard to pick only these... But if you want to see more, feel free to visit her DeviantArt page! Click here.

Does anyone of you make some digital art? If so, I'D LOVE to see it! :)

Happy Sunday everyone!
Love, Aleksandra.