Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My caned club chairs and fabric ID help

I have these two chairs that I saved from a thrift store about 4 years ago.  I loved the bright green velvet and caning and at $40 for the pair, I just couldn't leave them behind.


I haven't done anything with them because frankly, the original fabric is in great condition and I really like the color.  The wood and caning could certainly be freshened up though and there is some fading on one of the chair's cushions.

I always thought when the time came that I'd freshen the chairs up with a nice clean coat of white paint and reupholster them in a classic ticking stripe.  Just go all out uber preppy with the caning combination.

But then I saw this image and now I can't get it out of my head! Bergere chairs done in a vibrant lime green ikat.  LOVE!   I'm such a sucker for a bold and modern pattern on a traditional form. 

Does anyone out there recognize that fabric?  The closest I've come is this one from Kravet

I can tell it's not the same though (the inspiration chair seems to have more green and less white in the fabric).  I know it's certainly a passable alternative but I'd love to find that actual fabric.  Oh and there's also the fact that the Kravet fabric is $33.50/yard and there's a 15 yard minimum here.  That's not working for me.

Help?  I know my chairs aren't this same style but maybe it could work? Or do you think it will be too much with the caning?