Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Ceilings on the Brain

Painting a ceiling is a funny thing.  It seems SOOOOO DAUNTING at first ("am I really going to paint the ceiling?") but once you do it, you want to paint every ceiling you see.  A lot of people are afraid that painting a ceiling will make the room feel smaller when in fact, I've found the opposite to be true.  That hit of color above you draws your eye up and instantly creates the illusion of more height.  That's definitely what happened with my guest room.

I have been saving images of pink ceilings for almost a year with no particular room, project or end in mind.  As the lone female in the house, a pink ceiling can be a hard sell but I feel like the right shade of pink can actually read more as a neutral and less as an uber-feminine color.  From the palest petal pink to coral to fuchsia, I just love them in all shades and really feel like I need one in my life. 


 Do you have any painted ceilings in your home or aspirations of painting one?  Would you ever consider pink?