Friday, February 3, 2012

Trendspotting: Faux Antelope Rugs

I've been spotting lots and lots of faux antelope rugs in some fabulous rooms lately.  I've really never met an animal print that I didn't love but I'm particularly smitten with this pretty neutral.  Animal prints seem to be one of those things that the men in our lives can never get behind but I feel like this is a pattern that even a zebra-print hating guy can deal with. 

It's extra fabulous as a stair runner right?  The natural pattern in the (faux) hide lends itself so nicely to a long sight line. 

Stark Carpet seems to have the market cornered on this pretty pattern (which means it's not cheap!)  They have a few different patterns and colors to choose from. 

Has anyone ever gotten pricing on these rugs from Stark ?  I'm dying to know what they go for.  

It's just a matter of time before someone like West Elm brings us an affordable version don't you think?  Come on West Elm!!!!