Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can you use contact paper as wallpaper?

I got an email from a reader, Erin recently asking this very question.  You know I love me some contact paper so I'm intrigued by the idea. Erin's been around the web and back looking for examples of walls successfully "papered" using contact paper as a low cost alternative to wall paper. 

What's prompting such an idea?   A huge score of black and white toile contact paper at her local Dollar Store.  At $1 she quickly picked up 20 rolls. 

Now we know she could do something like this.

Or even this...

But could she do THIS!?

Erin's hoping to combine it with some wainscotting so at the very least, the contact paper would be installed up high and away from curious, peel-happy little fingers. 

My experience with putting contact paper on dry wall is that it will stay up very well after you spend some time smoothing it down and working out any air bubbles.  My first reaction was to tell her to test a piece but I'm certain it will work for at least a few months so that doesn't exactly help her.  But long term (as in years) I'm just not sure.  

So I told Erin I'd put the call out to all you creative and fearless readers.  Has anyone done anything like this?  Any words or advice or caution for Erin?  If this works....OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!