Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coffee Talk: Chemex

Last week Balazs got me the Chemex just out of the blue and we've been having little morning coffee making dates since then. It's so funny to think that over the years coffee became so much more to me than a quick hot drink. By now the whole ritual of grinding the beans and letting the smell of brewing coffee fill the whole flat is a huge part of the experience. It’s that special moment when time stands still while we patiently listen to the brewing sounds and chat about the most random things by our kitchen table. Oh, the little things in life!

Sweets, do you drink coffee? Have you ever tried the Chemex? I totally recommend it if you haven’t. If you fancy giving it a go, Kristy and Ben did this amazing how to tutorial that makes the whole process very easy. (Also, here is an awesome brewing guide video).  xo

(Photos by Kristy from Long Miles Coffee Project, layout by exPress-o)