Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Follow-up: Fabric Identified!

Remember my cry for help to identify the lime ikat in this image?  Lots of you were kind enough to offer suggestions on similar fabrics (THANK YOU!) but we never quite identified the actual fabric used here.

Then a wonderful reader with a very sharp eye left a comment about a pillow on the cover of the latest House Beautiful that looked very similar.  A few days later my issue arrived in the mail and after a quick check of the resources and much examination, I think we've found it!


Quadrille's Nomad Lime on tinted cotton/linen appears to be a dead ringer for the fabric I was looking for (you can see a larger view of the pattern in a different color here).  It even comes in an outdoor fabric variety.  OMG...pretty AND kid-proof? 

So...the mystery is solved but I'm not much closer to getting this fabric in my life.  I love all the Quadrille & China Seas fabrics but the prices are OUCH!  Oh well...I'm just happy to resolve the question.  Thanks to all my super-sleuth readers!