Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Food Diary of a Brocavore

The super talented Jamie Beck collaborated on a scrumptious project with (as she calls him) a modern day renaissance man, brocavore – Mike. His love for food developed organically through time and the series follows his culinary journey and life in NYC. Their goal was to inspire others to walk to their local framer’s market, make food at home from organic, fresh products and enjoy the simple beauty of cooking. They certainly have done that for me – I’m inspired, indeed!

What I love the most about Mike’s recipes is that they are made with simple, few ingredients, but tons of passion, like the one above: Poached egg on a buttered toast with fresh herbs. Crikey, I’m dying to give this gem a go over the weekend and enjoy it over a chat and a glass of wine on my balcony. Cheers!

Loves, do you enjoy cooking? Is it more of a chore or a pleasure for you? What's your favourite meal to cook? Does it depend on the season? (It does for me). xo

P.S: The awesome poached egg trick.
P.P.S: Fine dining on the subway and where they create - both NYC style!

(Photos by Jamie Beck)