Friday, March 30, 2012

Have A Magical Weekend!

This week just flew by and I'm so happy that the weekend is here. What are your plans for the next two days, darlings? I'm spending the rest of the day with a friend and her three kiddos who flew in for a short visit. After the kids go to bed we are planning to whip up some baked eggs, open a bottle of wine and chat the night away. As always here are a few fun links for you to check out if you're in a blog-hopping-type-of-mood. Enjoy!

On nurturing creativity.

Awesome Easter box for grown-ups & for kiddos.

For Seinfeld fans! (Thanks, Irena).

This hotel in Vienna rocks!

Yippee, I can't wait!

A few great tips to a painless dinner party (+ a blueberry crisp).

Dear burnt toast...

Do you live to work or work to live?

Pretty nailpolish.

A touching surrogacy story.


How to transform your look.

Made me smile.

This would make a wonderful hostess gift. (or an Easter brunch favour).

Flower garland.

This little dude is totally awesome:)

How to create a messy top-knot perfection.

Homemade goat cheese - Yum!

On eating healthy. (Great tips).

Spring is on the way!

Also, how about four dreamy exPress-o posts you might have missed?

Oh boy, only a week left till Easter! See you Monday morning. Love! xo

(The dreamy photo of the milky way, Namibia via Darren Rawlings)