Friday, March 9, 2012

Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's Ocean Drive Bedding

Happy Friday!!  Just wanted to share a quick find with you today.  I was wandering through the Kohl's bedding department recently and came across the Jennifer Lopez collection of bedding.  Nothing all that stellar to speak of but I did find a little gem in the Ocean Drive set.

I once read that the closer something will be to your body, the more money you should spend on it.  In bedding terms that means spending on sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers but saving on decorative bolsters, shams, etc.  {Translation:  Please don't buy the polyester duvet cover.}

BUT look how cute the decorative euro shams and pillows are for this set!  Right?!  And for $29.99 a piece!

I'm debating getting a couple of this decorative pillow and using them on our sectional.  Who says they have to be bedroom pillows?  I'll need to hack them a bit so I can put a down insert in.  Will report back if I do that!  

Have a great weekend everyone!