Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New at IKEA for Spring 2012

My love for IKEA is well documented on this blog at this point so I was pretty giddy when the official "what's new at IKEA this spring" press release landed in my inbox.

Here are some of the highlights. 

Love the modern yet timeless silhouette of the new Preben chair.  I think it's meant to be a dining chair but it would look fantastic tucked under a thin console/desk.


It doesn't get much more classic IKEA than a streamlined, unfinished pine set of dressers.  The new Tarva line is just begging to be hacked and I predict we'll be seeing a rash of creative things done with these blank canvases. 


Three new light offerings coming this spring all utilizing LED technology.  The IKEA literature says these pendants are good for 3 hours of daily use for 20 years before they burn out!

Possibly the item I'm most excited about - the Raskog trolley.  Available in black and in this sweet turquoise finish pictured below.  I love the industrial vibe.  This versatile piece is sure to be a hot seller.  I can see it adding tons of mobile storage in lots of rooms - kitchens for pots & pans, pantries for baking supplies (you know I love my baking cart!), tight bathrooms for toiletries and towels, offices for printer/paper...need I go on?

Everyone's favorite line of dressers - the Hemnes - is now expanding into bathrooms with a line of
benches, medicine cabinets, shelving units and wash stands.


Cute new polka dot bedding in gray and red.  (aside:  you crazy Swedes had my lol'ing with the name of this bedding.  I mean seriously...these jokes just write themselves!)

And of course, the kiddies are not to be neglected with some adorable woodland stuffed animals.

There's plenty more to get excited about.  To see more of what's coming in the spring, check out this official IKEA release.   Do you have a favorite?