Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Festival Of Colour

Oh boy, about three weeks ago on the 8th of March the beautifully vibrant Holi festival took place around the world. It's one of those amazing Hindu spring traditions where participants throw bright scented powder and perfume at each other in celebration of the new season. It’s a brilliant way to drop all your inhibitions and simply play, dance and laugh till your belly starts hurting :) Aren't those photos fun? Loves, wouldn't you love to take part in something like that? (I totally would). xo

P.S: Also, do you remember the mind-blowing midsummer night in Poland?
P.P.S: The beautiful India!

(Photos via BostonRosie Sulper, Colleen Ludovice, Kjirsten Embley & Brice Mazenod)