Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Hair Tickle

My oh my, this weekend felt like the beginning of spring. On Saturday we took a long stroll on the island and the sun was shinning in all its glory. Each year around springtime, I fancy cutting off all my hair into a messy bob or a snazzy pixie to brace the new season with a fresh do. I'm never actually brave enough to go through with it (I think, I would miss my longer hair) but I indulge in plenty of hair-daydreaming. Here are a few of my favourite dos.

Loves, do you change your hairdo with different seasons? What do you dream of? Curls? Bangs? Blonde? Straight? Short? Ginger? xo

P.S: Also, Ombré hair:)
P.P.S: My hair is in love.

(Photos via A Lovely Escape, Wit + Delight, The Dirty Stache, ffffound & Refinery29)