Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tomato Tart

Over the weekend I got a huge box of juicy tomatoes from our sweet older neighbour-lady and I really wanted to put them into good use. There is something about tomatoes that screams simplicity - in a very good way. So, when I spotted Sarah's take on a tomato tart I knew right there - it was true love :)

Just a simple sheet of puff pastry (due to my impatience, mine was store-bought but if you fancy making one yourself, Ramsey is your man), 2 huge tomatoes, bit of thyme, olive oil and finish it off with a dash of salt and pepper - Voilá, tart perfection! (And so simple).

Lovelies, doesn't it look delicious? xo

P.S: More tomato goodness.

(Photos by Sarah)

(Photos by