Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travelling Solo?

This July our good friend is embarking on a month long solo-travel. Last week he came over for dinner and we chatted about his plans. The whole trip is a gift from his wife for his 40th birthday. Isn't that sweet? Since that dinner I’ve been reading up a storm about the subject as it totally hit the spot for me. In his teens and 20-s Balazs travelled-solo all the time. He went to the UK, Australia and around the US. Elizabeth Gilbert did it for a year in hopes of self-discovery and Jenny Diski does it because it gives her the freedom that she desires.

The one sentence I keep on stumbling on while reading about the subject is that there is a huge difference between travelling solo and travelling alone. It has to do with the state of mind, being comfortable in your own skin and simply letting go and embracing everything that comes your way. Interesting, isn't it? (And so tempting at the same time to try your own limits and truly spend time with yourself).

I’m curious what you, my darlings think about the subject. Have you ever travelled solo? Would you? If so, where to? (I would probably go to Ireland). xo

If you fancy reading more on the subject here are a few cool articles to check out:
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P.S: Also, my challenge this year: solo dinner dates.
P.P.S: A few swoon-worthy spots.

(Photos via/by Amanda Jones, Andrew - Auckland, NZ, Living in Desolation, Bawkbawkbawk - Cinque Terre in Italy)