Saturday, April 21, 2012

Featured on Baby Lifestyles

The sweet ladies of Baby Lifestyles approached me about designing a custom nursery for multiples.  I've never done a nursery design for twins and I have to say, it was quite fun!  In addition to needing to think through all the items you need two of, I enjoyed the added challenge of trying to do it on a budget (you know that's how I roll!)  Double cribs and of course double the comfortable seating were in order.  

I used my current favorite wallpaper - Osborne & Little's Coronata Star - to create a beautiful, star-filled attraction for the babies on the ceiling.  I am crazy about the way that light aqua color looks on the ceiling and the metallic stars sparkle when a little light hits them.  And who needs a mobile when you've got those gorgeous star pendants over the crib?  The whole room took on a bit of an eclectic, Moroccan vibe and I went with it. 


See the full post over at Baby Lifestyles here for all the sources used in this room.