Monday, April 16, 2012

A Firefly Squid Sea in Japan

Crikey, remember the glowing lake in Australia? Well, here is another jaw dropping gem - firefly squids in Toyama Bay. If you fancy experiencing something out of this world, you should totally visit Japan between now and the end of July. During this time those glowing tiny creatures surface to the top of the sea in massive numbers and put on an incredible lights show. I read that this particular spot in central Japan became a total magnet for tourists in recent years, and just looking at those photos, I'm not surprised. Wouldn't it be cool to camp out on the beach, watch stars, chat and wait for them to pop out of the water? Smitten! You? xo

P.S: How about this enchanting forest also in Japan?
P.P.S: Or this charming spot in Germany.

(via Amusing Planet)