Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Future Baby Names?

Do you have your future baby's name picked out already? Or did you have it before your baby was born? I've been thinking a lot about baby names since Balazs' brother had his little girl a few weeks ago. Both he and his partner agreed on the name prior the birth. On the flip side, our friend Eva and her husband had a few names in mind but wanted to see the baby in the flesh before settling on the one that would suit him the most.
My mom always says that when Balazs and I have a kiddo it will take us about a week or so to finally decide on the name and in the meatime we'll just call him or her baby-girl or baby-boy. She is probably right because I have a feeling we'd have to see that little person first. But who knows, right? The name that I totally fancy is Blanka for a girl. (With a “k” as it would be spelled in Europe).

So, I'm curious, what's your favourite baby name? Do you have one already picked for your future baby? If you have kids already, how have you decided on their names? xo

P.S: Remember that Friends episode where Rachel took Monica's baby name for Emma? Here it is if you fancy rewatching.
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(Photos via Jeniffer Hagler)