Monday, April 2, 2012

Heavenly Bakery

Chad and Liz make me daydream about being a baker and spending all days rolling French pastry, making bread from scratch and whipping up pies. Doesn’t that sound pretty good? This awesome couple owns the ever scrumptious Tartine Bakery in San Francisco where they serve tons of mouth-watering, mostly organic dishes. Those photos by The Selby give a great peek into their day as well as their incredible passion for fresh and delicious food! Love.

Darlings, what are you daydreaming about today? Do you think you would be a good baker or chef? Do you have a dream of owning your little café or a diner? Do tell!

P.S: I own their Tartine bread cookbook. It's awesome!
P.P.S: Here is Liz's  cocoa nib meringue cookie recipe that I can't wait to try and one of our favourite bread dishes. Yum!

(via NY Times)