Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Impressions. Part one.

Hello everyone! I hope you're having an awesome beginning of the week!

I've been out of the internet world for a whole week, since I went on a long awaited vacation. Like every year, I visited my family in Bosnia and spent the Easter holidays with them. It was truly amazing, especially since so many amazing things happened which I didn't expect at all, and it made the whole experience even better.

I think it's very hard to decide what I love more, cities or country-side, because there are advantages and disadvantages in both. Vienna gives me all those little things like action of a big city, dynamique, historical and culutural goods that I adore SO much, but on the other hand I cannot live without the peace and calm that all those forests, endless fields and music of the birds have. And sometimes a city can become very stressful, grey and depressing, so an escape in the woods seems just perfect.

Sometimes I feel like I could spend there my whole life, and every single time when I have to leave, and although I know I will go back there soon again, I cannot stop feeling such a great sadness and pain. That will never change. But memories will stay, and that is what counts.

Old grandma's house. Mladikovine is the name of the village. This photo was takes on Easter Sunday.

Little old shed house.


Peeking through the curtains.



Fido, the dog.

Little cloverleaves.

Clouds somewhere in Croatia on the way back home.

Randomness I.

More photos are about to come... Happy Tuesday friend!

Love, Aleksandra.