Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Sparkler

With a whopping 100 degrees and my mom visiting, it was the perfect weekend to try out a new cocktail. After long walks in the heat, this sparkler quickly became our favourite treat to enjoy during breezy balcony evenings. It has Italian prosecco (yum!), refreshing lavender, mint and lemon syrup that you pre-simmer and it's topped off with a bit of cold club soda for the bubbles-factor. (Full recipe here).

Doesn’t it sound refreshing? Loves, what’s your favourite summer cocktail/drink? xo

P.S: Missed you last Friday:) So glad to be back to the regular schedule!
P.P.S: Two more posts are coming up today and if you fancy trying another fun cocktail - this one is awesome too.

(Recipe by Marissa Lippert via Nectar)