Friday, May 11, 2012

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Good evening!
It's been a few days since I came back from my Bosnia trip, and although I already said over twitter that I'll be posting all the interesting stories and photos the latest by today, I'm so sorry to tell you I didn't manage to get it all done. Sorry, sorry, sorry!

And for a month or something I wanted to share something with you. One of my biggest passions and love. The VW Beetle Bug!

Okay... Let me start from the very beginning. I got in touch with a beetle for the very first time when I was 5 or something. I don't remember how everything exactly happened, but I can clearly see myself sitting on the back seat of a silver beetle with some beige seats, and some nice jazz music playing on the radio and driving through the wonderful sceneries of Vojvodina. My mum was sitting near me, and my dad near the driver, but who the man behind the wheel was, I don't know anymore. Maybe some friend of theirs. Who knows. But that feeling! If somebody ever tells you that things cannot make you happy, well, they are lying! A beetle can! At least it worked perfectly well for me. Since I took that ride, I kept telling my parents that I want one when I grow up, and that a beetle is a perfect car match for me, but all they thought was that it's just a phase for me, and that I'll get over it. 

But well, more than 15 years have passed by, and I am surely NOT over it! I'm in love more than ever! Especially since so many things have changed in my life in the past six months, and I have so many new plans, ideas and dreams, and the beetle is still a huge part of it. Always will be. I truly cannot wait until I have such a cutie!

Here are some awesome examples and different models of it. Which one do you like the most? Oh, and what are you obsessing about? Tell me!

Aren't they amazing? I'm melting!

Sleep well and good night!

Love, Aleksandra.