Friday, May 11, 2012

Coffee - For Your Eyes Only

I’m a total coffee nut and I always try to come up with excuses for myself when I drink too much of it, just ask Balazs. What can I say, it’s just that irresistible in taste and the whole ritual makes for a better, smoother day. Anyway, last night I read a little German study that discovered that coffee not only helps women deal better in stressful situations, but also contributes to having healthy and beautiful eyes. You should have seen Balazs' face when I told him that this morning :) So ladies, drink it up. Cheers! Are you a coffee drinker? What’s your favourite type? How do you make it? (I'm still totally smitten with our French Press).  xo

P.S: Also, coffee etiquette and coffee trick to make your cuppa taste ever better.
P.P.S: Coffee break in Italy.

(via Vitamin G. Photos via Fox on the run & Classy in the City)