Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Little Things In Life

Here is a little thing I started to do lately: when I feel like my week is too busy or I haven't had much time to relax, I simply wake up a bit earlier in the morning and take a walk to my favourite flower shop. Yesterday was one of those mornings. I got up and took a breezy stroll around the sleepy city and came back home with a bunch of coral colour peonies that were just about to bloom. They are my favourite! Le sigh - the little things in life...

Lovelies, what are your favourite flowers? Btw: What peonies colour do you fancy the most: pink, rose, purple, scarlet, white, yellow, coral, cream or crimson?

P.S. Here is a fun fact: according to feng shui, putting fresh peonies in your home will help bring love to your life. (Great gift idea to all the single friends). Sweet isn’t it?
P.P.S: Oh la la Parisian flower market.

(Photos by Sarah Tucker and via Amanda Jane Jones)