Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stylish Couples

One of my guilty pleasures is people-watching! Every time Balazs and I drop by our favourite cafe or simply walk about, I enjoy looking at people. I often try to spot if their personal style complement each other or do they go in totally different directions. Often, I speculate if the girl dictates the dress code or do they both contribute in some way. Also, its fun to brainstorm about what they’re like based on what they wear or how long they are together. (Especially, when you see an older couple who totally matches – adorable!). So, the other day I found a few snazzy duos that I simply adore and those that look totally cute together.

Btw: Remember a while back when we talked about couples in long term relationships starting to resemble each other after a while? Some of those totally do, don’t they? And how about you? Do you and your husband/boyfriend have the same sense of style? Or totally opposite? Who is more sporty or relaxed? Did it change over the years? xo

P.S: And that photo below melts my heart!