Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are you in a sleeping pickle?

For the past few weeks I've been having difficulty sleeping and I blame coffee for it (giggle). So, in search for a cure, I recently read an article with a few handy tips for a good night sleep. I wanna share a handful of tricks that are tried and tested. So here it goes:

* Make sure that your sheets are always super fresh with a soothing scent. I add Lenor sensations softener to my washing. It has a beautifully relaxing  lavender scent. Also, instead of the softner, you can sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil onto your pillow each night.

* I swapped my regular shower gel for a baby lavender one that relaxes my muscles before bed time.

* I got this egg lamp from a friend last week. It reflects soothing star-like shapes all around your room while you're trying to fall asleep.

* Eating fresh or dried tart cherries can help, as they are very high on slumber inducer melatonin.

* Make sure that your bedroom is not too warm or stimulated by bright colours.

* Practice deep breathing excercises a few minutes before bed time - it clears your mind.

* Drink a cup of chamomile tea or a cup of hot milk with honey just before going to sleep.

Darlings, how do you sleep? Would you like to share any other tips that work for sleepless nights? I’d love to hear:) xo

(Photos by Leslie, Sean and Shawn)