Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bicycling - Parisian-style

The other day I spotted a brilliant article by Laura Neilson about how to look like a true Parisian while cycling no matter where you are. It’s a fact that French ladies have the je ne sais quoi quality mastered to perfection. They always look understatedly-snazzy with au naturel-messy hair and totally effortless. So here are a few tips to French-biking-perfection I love:

* Always wear normal clothes while biking. For French girls it's just a form of transportation not a type of exercise. (No sweatpants or sneakers required).

* Cute ballerina flats & heels are a must for cycling in style.

* Old-school style cruisers are the IT bicycles right now - their build makes them ideal for riding in a skirt.

* Baskets are essential and mostly attached in the front. French girls don't just carry their baguettes and groceries in them: they also toss in their bags.

 *And of course do not forget to wear tons of layers in neutral colours for those cold windy days and let your hair flow in the wind.

Lovelies, fancy feeling French while cycling? xo

P.S: What do Parisiennes wear in the snow?

(via Refinery29. Photos via Bikes and BabesIva Jean, Style & The Sartorialist)