Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Go Pandas!

Just a short few days ago twelve irresistibly precious panda cubs made their first public appearance at the Chengdu Breeding and Research centre in China since their birth a few months ago. Their arrival is considered a major breakthrough for the scientists who monitored the pandas 24 hours a day throughout their pregnancies. Pandas need all the help they can get as they are an endangered species because of the deforestation in their native China. In 1987 the Chengdu Research centre started with just six pandas and now the number increased to 108. Go pandas!!! Lovelies, aren’t they something? xo

P.S: Fun fact: Pandas are very picky earters who only feed on bamboo and in the wild they spend at least 10 hours a day choosing the best bamboo. (giggle)

(Thanks, Lenore via The Sun)